Netball key to success

It has been an exciting time around the Hawks Nest this year as we welcomed 2 netball teams into our portfolio and what a year its has been.  even though the season has finished the success and accomplishments that both teams were able to have was incredible to watch unfold.


Just to reflect on the season for both teams.  We started out Preseason in February were we brought 19 Ladies on board for our Inaugural year within the league.  Many of the girls were strangers to one another and hadn't played together at all.  So our main goal this year was too have 2 teams try and gel.  We had no sights on winning or getting into the final by all means but to become 1 unit and get too know one another.  So this whole year you could say has been a Preseason.  But both teams had different personality to work with and also skill levels.


To start with our Section 6 team was able to go out week in & out and show the competition that we have some fire in our bellies and able to produce some high quality netball.  Being able to go head to head with the top teams and only come within Minimal point loses but then also to play those teams and bring home Victory.  The dedication that they produced week in and out on the training courts and then come game turning it up.  There is no better satisfaction as a coach for the girls to go out on a weekly bases and listening and following game plans that you had implemented that Thursday before.  All in All for these girls to finish 10th on the ladder and bring home the club 4 wins for the season exceeded all expectations and more.  A huge mention too Natalie Horua and Simone Miller who have been able to bring these girls together and too gel as a team.  There coaching skills and plays they have been able to implement which impacted on there game and the way they went about playing Netball.  Great achievement for the first Season on wards and upwards from there.


Our Section 8 team this year has exceeded all our goals and expectations .  Our team dynamitic have been very different too Section 6 with some of the girls that have never played a game, to seasoned players, to girls that haven't played for years.  We have brought 9 girls together and have been able too see improvement dramatically across skills, game play and also knowledge of the sport.  We have had a number of ladies that were also able to mentor and assist with the player with little too no experience at all.  This year our Aim was too win 1 game and not even worry about the ladder.  Our focus was to improve skills sets and develop the squad.  With the success this year and the dedication the team was able to finish 5th with 7 wins which for a development squad is exceptional.  Massive shout out to the Brooke Wiramanaden for coming on board this year and help me too the success that we have had.  Also to Natalie and Simone once again we can all share the success as this has really been a team effort.


Coming into Season 2018 we are looking at expanding and having at least 4 teams with so much interest this number may even grow.  With the success of this year and also the amount of interest so far we are already in works for next year and the Pre Season too come.  So If any one has a sister, cousin, friend or partner that is wanting to join up.  Watch this space because 2018 is going to be the year for Netball at Hallam Football Netball Club and becoming part of the family


Tracey O'Flarety  

HFNC Netball Coordinator  


2017 Netball Teams after there games at Dingley


HFNC First ever game