Key Pre Season Training Dates

It’s that time of year again, where all the hard work begins. Please see below training dates. New and past players welcome!

Senior Men & U19’s

11/11/2015 – Session 1: Testing day (Hallam Senior College) 6:00 PM

16/11/2015 – Session 2: Skills Training (Hallam Senior College) 6:00 PM

18/11/2015 – Session 3: Strength and Conditioning (Hallam Senior College) 6:00 PM

23/11/2015 – Session 4: Skills (Hallam Senior College; Gym) 6:00PM

25/11/2015 – Session 5: Strength and Conditioning (Hallam Senior College; Gym) Time: 6:00PM

30/11/2015 – Session 6: Skills (Hallam Senior College; Gym) 6:00PM

02/12/2015 – Session 7: Strength and Conditioning (Hallam Senior College; Gym) 6:00 PM

7/12/2015 – Session 8: Skills (Hallam Senior College; Gym) 6:00 PM

9/12/2015 – Session 9: Strength and Conditioning (Hallam Senior College; Gym)

14/12/2015 – Session 10: Skills (Hallam Senior College; Gym) 6:00 PM

16/12/2015 – Session 11: Strength and Conditioning (Hallam Senior College; Gym) 6:00 PM


Senior Woman’s

Every Monday and Wednesday – KM Reedy Reserve, Pound Road, Hampton Park (HSD home Ground) Hampton Park

6:00 PM to 7.30 PM


Again, it’s time to start working hard, Train for what you play for and most importantly be the best you can.


Disclaimer: Training is subject to change so please ensure you keep updated with Team App.



Coaching Group


Yes its that time of year again when we all need to jump online and register.

Please follow the link below and use your login details – these will have been emailed to you, if you have trouble remembering them or they haven’t been emailed to you, follow the link to “I would like to request my username and password” and follow the prompts. If you are still having problems contact Michelle Neve (contact details below).

With your online registration you will need to pay a deposit of $130 by the end of Feb.


Further to the above, the Junior Portfolio will be holding a registration night at the club on Monday 9th, Febraury 2015 from 6pm to 8pm, any senior’s team members wishing to register and pay their deposit are also welcome to come up on the same evening.

For further details contact Michelle Neve


Mobile No: 0401 871 558 


The Hallam Football Club is delighted to announce the appointment of Gary Frangalas for the 2015 season.

Gary comes to us with a great playing and coaching career that has expanded for over 15 years. After starting his junior playing days for the Clayton Football Club (Now currently a division 1 side in SFL) his playing carrer expanded from the u19’s for South Melbourne from 1980 – 82, then being appointed to join Sydney Swans (South Melbourne at VFL level) in 1983. At the end of 1985 Gary ventured off to Richmond after 51 games and opted against the move to Sydney. His VFL/AFL craeer expanded 68 games at the Tigers.

Due to injury, Gary was forced to retire and signed with Dandenong Redlegs in 91. He then decided to go into the coaching ring in 92′ where he captain coached Cobden FC in the Hampden league and went to Doveton F.C the year after in the same role. From 1994 – 1996 he went back to Clayton as assistant coach. He has had the pleasure of playing under coaches such as Kevin Bartett, John Northey, & Tony Jewell.

The last few years have seen Gary take sometime out to focus on his daughters basketball and also sons football coaching them at junior level.

We would like to welcome Gary and his family to the family at the Hallam Football Club.

I’m sure you all agree it is a worthy one and I personally can’t wait to see what 2015 brings.



Matthew Brew – President

(From left to right: President Matthew Brew, Senior Coach Gary Frangalas, Vice President Peter Maskiell)

(From left to right: President Matthew Brew, Senior Coach Gary Frangalas, Vice President Peter Maskiell)



This policy aims to provide a basis for the responsible use and/or non use of alcohol by the Hallam Football Club and to avoid any incidents a people travel to or from the club and its events.

The Club understands and accepts its responsibility to the safety of our members and friends.  The following requirements will apply when alcohol is served, either at the Club or during a Club function.

1. Bar staff shall encourage members and visitors to make alternate safe transports arrangements if they are considered to exceed .05 blood alcohol concentration (or .00 if probationary driver).

2. Telephone calls will be made free of charge to arrange a taxi or other transport.

3. Contact telephone numbers for taxi serves will be clearly displayed.

4. In specific cases, where a designated driver nominated by the Club has accepted the responsibility to drive others home safely, the Club will provide non alcoholic drinks and food free of charge.

5. Bar servers will be provided non alcoholic drinks and bar food free of charge by the Club (only for Club bar staff).

6. Where available Club transport will be provided to/from events held away from the Club.

7. A key register will be implemented.

8. Taxi vouchers will be considered as part of prizes/player awards.

9. The committee will pre-order taxis to arrive at the venue at the conclusion of the function.